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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I want a website, now what?

Introduction to developing a website

Ok, so you want a website, now what?
First step is "Don't Panic!", even if you have no knowledge about the internet and that web stuff, as here is an explanation of all aspects involved in getting a website.

What you'll need:

  • An idea of what you want your website to be about, and what is to go on it.
  • A domain (URL, internet address, www.)
  • Hosting space (this is a space on a secure server where the website files are kept)
  • A FTP program (to upload files/pages to the website)
  • Graphic Designer (so it looks good)
  • HTML coder (so it works well)

There are different methods to fulfilling these needs, depending on the type, size of website, budget etc. These methods we will be explored by asking yourself these questions.

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Website Development Questions

1. General
a. Do you currently have a website?

  • If yes:
  • Why are you redeveloping?
  • What do you like / dislike about the current website
  • Where can you see room for improvement

b. What type of website?

  • Brochure - basic information, limited interactivity small
  • Entertainment - less information, highly interactive, small to large
  • Information portal - lots of information, medium interactivity, medium to large
  • Ecommerce - product information - for sale online, high interactivity, medium to large.

c.How much interactivity would be needed? (can have combination)

  • HTML: Basic interactivity (links, styles, images, text, animated gif)
  • Javascript: Limited interactivity (Drop down navigational menus, mouseovers, File tree menus)
  • PHP/ASP: Medium Interactivity (feedback forms, passing of information, dynamic information)
  • Complex languages: Full interactivity (Dynamic Information, Content Management Systems, Ecommerce)
  • Flash: Varied Interactivity (animation, games, applications, graphic/entertainment uses)

d. What purpose will the website serve?

  • Promote?
  • Inform?
  • Entertain?
  • Sell?

e. What information will you supply?

  • Website Content?
  • Logo?
  • Pictures?
  • Other media?

a.What are your marketing objectives?

  • Do you have any branding standards set?
  • Colours, logo, fonts?
  • Branding ideals or philosophies?

b.Who are your expected users? (target market)

  • Describe the primary and secondary targetmarkets?
  • Location, international, local?
  • Gender, age and industry?
  • Personality or any specifics to group?

c.Any ideas that you have or wishlist?

  • Are there any other websites that you like?
  • why? (Gives an idea on your taste)

d.How would you like to organize the information? (so it is logical and not cluttered)

  • What will your users be looking for onthe website the most and least?
  • Usually have "about us" "products/services" and "contact us"
  • What content can you include that is unique and will "sticky"

a.Do you have a domain name registered?

  • Ifyes:
    What is the domain
    Who have you registered it with? (ISP)
  • Ifno:
    What domain type would you like? (.co.za/ .com / .org )
    What domain name would you like? (need few options to check availability)

b. Do you have web hosting?

  • If yes:
    What type of hosting package or server (traffic limit, size and PHP/ASP)
    Who have you registered it with? (ISP)
    Who can provide FTP details to access the website? (ISP or client?)
  • If no:
    You are going to need space on a server to host your website (ISP).

c. Do you have an email address that queries from the website can be sent to?

  • Ifno:
    It's good to have a separate one to avoidspam to your main address (eg. info@client.com)
    Will you be needing any other email addresses?

d. Maintenance and Visibilty

  • Is the website to be updated regularly?
  • What will be updated frequently?
  • How frequent?
  • Would you like your website to be listed on search engines?
  • Would you like the website's online visibility maintained? (how easily it is found on search engines / ranking)

e.Would you be interested in an e-newsletter distribution service?

  • Sending an email newsletter periodically can bring traffic and interest to your site.

We hope this helps you think about aspects involved in creating a website. Your feedback would be appreciated as we would like these to be useful and resourceful. This is a work in progress, so watch this space...

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